Advanced Cold Process Soapmaking Workshop

Advanced Cold Process Soapmaking Workshop

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So you're an advanced cold process soapmaker now, eh?! Well, come show me what you're working with! There will be two types of Advanced Soapmaking Workshops available - Liquid Additives & Soap Projects. 


Liquid Additives 

During the Liquid Additives workshop we will discuss:

  • Properties & Benefits of Popular Liquid Additives
  • Incorporating Liquid Additives into Cold Process Soap

By the end of this workshop, you will leave with:

  • The experience, knowledge & confidence to incorporate liquid additives into your soaps
  • Three (3) one-pound batches of soap with various liquid additives
  • A copy of our Advanced Cold Process Soapmaking: Liquid Additives worksheet

Soap Projects

During the Soap Projects workshop will feature signatre fragrances, new designs and skills. Soap Projects are tentative and will be announced accordingly.