Make It Last Forever  ...

Make It Last Forever ...

Your soap, that is! 

Popular commercial soaps can include additives that are not necessarily needed when using quality ingredients. Commercial soaps tend to include detergents, surfactants, and hardening agents that assist with making the soaps last much longer than they would if made with quality, natural ingredients. 

By following the tips below, you can extend the life of your soaps:

  1. Avoid Using Scolding Hot Water
    Lets start by stating that you shouldn't use water that is too hot. Extremely hot water is not good for your skin's natural barrier or your soap. Exposure to hot temperatures will cause your soap to melt faster and your skin to lose it's natural moisturizing retention abilities.

  2. Store it High and Dry
    Keeping your soap away from direct contact with water and steam. Constant contact with moisture will cause your artisan soap to melt. Storing your soap up high allows for the soap to proper air circulation and dry quickly.

  3. Maintaining Proper Drainage
    Making sure that your soap sits in a draining soap dish, soap saver or shower rack. If you allow the soap in a pool of water for too long, the soap will begin to break down and quickly become mushy. Soap dishes and shower racks are not all made equally. Finding the perfect one to help drain water properly is key.

  4. Use a Wash Cloth or Loofah
    Using your bare hands to apply the soap directly to your skin can cause you to use more soap than it would if you'd use a wash cloth or loofah. Direct contact with your skin and water will cause the soap to melt faster. When using a loofah or wash cloth, the towel will retain the suds, therefore extending the life of your soap. 

With proper preservation, Heart of a Goddess' Artisan Soaps can last approximately 2-3 weeks. Want to check out our Artisan Soap collection? 

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