About Us

 Hey, #GoddessBaes! It's Michelle, here - the owner and founder of Heart of a Goddess! Thank you for visiting our store. Between our soaps & cosmetics, wellness and home good products, we know you'll find something you will absolutely LOVE! If you have any questions, feel free to reach out to us! 

How It All Began

Heart of a Goddess was founded in 2015. I dove into the personal care and cosmetic industry in 2012 after falling in love with making my own hair products. I gradually began making glycerin and cold process soaps, candles, body butters and scrubs. After much research, I decided that I would turn my beloved hobby into something greater - an entrepreneurial adventure identifying as Amerikan Goddess.


Most people would identify me as an introvert – quiet, shy, and I stay to myself. I decided that I wanted to free myself of my skittish ways and try something different … TEACH! Heart of a Goddess invites others to try something new, by hosting crafting workshops focusing on personal care, allowing participants to learn lifelong skills and create beautifully crafted products that are natural and filled with love! We take pride in our abilities & products and would love for everyone to experience a cleaner and healthier alternative to skin care.

Our Mission


Our mission is to educate people on some of the dangerous toxins we unknowingly put in and on our bodies on a regular basis.
Our Values
Our core values are simple – give back to our communities, be nice to animals, and create fun artisanal bath & body products in fresh small batches with natural, organic & sustainable ingredients while using minimal preservatives & synthetic additives.